Hi there.

This is my blog. I’ll put something here when I figure out what sort of “timeless” content I want to show and what it will actually be about. Thus far, it will exist as a collection of thoughts, ideas, and spurts of creativity I get at times. Enjoy! If you’re not enjoying it, please leave. You can do that. I encourage it. I don’t want you to suffer because you were exposed to the terrible content I created.


I’m a neuroscience student in Canada, and I like to think scientifically about all sorts of things.  I also like chocolate, and the internet, and books. I am a wannabe-narratologist, and my dream job would be that of a professional worldbuilding consultant. I hope this blog shows I could be good at it.

If you’re a fan of something and would like me to look at how I could explain it using science, please email me at thoughtfulspurts@gmail.com with whatever questions, ideas, or suggestions you have.

Have a good day!


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