Attention Everyone: Ask me questions!

Ever since I did the Genetics of Harry Potter, I’ve been a little stale. No more, I say! I am calling for everyone to send me their questions about worlds. Whether it be Harry Potter, Narnia, Mistborn, Lord of the Rings, Merlin, Game of Thrones, Disney, Dreamworks, Marvel, DC, Discworld, the Laundry Files, the Dresden Files, or anything else I’m familiar with (and I’m familiar with a lot) if you want to know, I probably will as well. It doesn’t matter if the question is about physics or neuroscience, paleontology or endochrynology, biochemistry or biohazardous materials disposal, genetics or geology, if I think it’s an interesting question, I’ll scour the interwebs and libraries, seek expert opinion and work through as many papers as I have to until I have an answer.

So, come on! I dare you! Here, I’ll make it even easier for you:

Attention Everyone: Ask me questions!

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