My birthday was yesterday!

I had a birthday yesterday. I was too busy doing school and work things to actually write a post, but I thought I’d have some fun with it this year too.

More fun February 8 facts!

  1. Some saints of February 8th!
    1. Saint Cointha, who was “martyred in the reign of Emperor Trajanus Decius by being dragged through the streets of Alexandria with her feet tied to a horse.”
    2. St. Josephine Bakhita, who was Sudanese, born in Victorian times(~1869), died in 1947, and is the patron saint of Sudan and trafficking victims.
    3. St. Elfleda, sister to a king, and with like six names, the stuff I found about her was all kind of weird (is King Oswy her father or her brother? I couldn’t find any of her names when I looked him up directly…) but they all kind of agree that she was influential and convinced people not to be dicks.
    4. Blessed Jacoba of Settesoli, who was allowed to enter the friary despite being a woman and called “Brother Jacoba”. Also, whose wikipedia page as of this writing includes the most casual brush-off of a bunch of stuff I’ve seen so far.
      “Jacoba dei Settesoli was born in Rome and married into the noble Frangipani family. She was a young widow when she heard of the holy man, Francis of Assisi. “ Who was she married to? What did he die of? You just skipped over not just her dead husband but literally her own entire childhood and young adulthood! Who were her parents?  Why did she get married? Did she have any siblings?
  2. Mary Robinette Kowal provided two party favours this time! Thank you for the birthday presents!
  3. Hey, remember three years ago when 100, 000 people marched in Dhaka? Oh, good to know it wasn’t just me.
  4. Giordano Bruno’s final appearance before his judges. Wherein Bruno was like “Perchance you who pronounce my sentence are in greater fear than I who receive it.” and the judges were like “we dismiss you to prison”, and then he literally LOOKED AWAY FROM AN IMAGE OF JESUS BEFORE BURNING TO DEATH.

On my actual birthday!

  1. Mercer Kennedy Ellington died at 76. Here he is conducting an orchestra in a video posted by somebody who speaks German.
  2.  “24 Hours in Cyberspace” happened on my birthday!
  3.  There was a scandal involving Hillary Clinton .
  4.  Also, “The Red Hot Chili Peppers may seem like wild animals just out of the cage when they perform at Madison Square Garden…”.
  6. A cargo plane crashed and killed a few hundred people in South Africa.

I also have something else planned but I think it has to be a little more thoughtful than this.

My birthday was yesterday!

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